Okobe – Galsen el languaje de las almas

Okobe – Galsen el languaje de las almas 


(TRAILER) – GALSEN. El lenguaje de las almas. from Sergio Aparicio on Vimeo.


How are you?  I am really good thank you!

How would you define yourself.? I define myself as a dreamer, someone who is obsessed with creation, someone who is always creating stories or sounds inside of his head and trying to build on it , and someone who still thinking what he wants to become when he grows older.

About Galsen,  

Why did you call the movie like this? Because I was living in Senegal at that moment and my friends there, who are musicians as well, call Senegal- Galsen, That’s why for me the film had to be titled Galsen.

What is the subject of the documentary? The documentary talks about myself ,my own life experience as a mixed race person who lives always in conflict between two worlds.

How did the project starteOne day I decided to get to know the motherland  and introduce it to myself. When I got there I decided to my experience and write my feelings because it was the only way to try to explain to my mum that experience of mine without filters. That’s how everything started.




What was difficult for you? It became difficult to open that part of myself. I have african blood in me and it lives in my soul too. I always dreamed to get to know that part of myself but the feeling was like when you want to hug someone but you don’t know if it wants to be embraced too.

Do you have an anecdote? Yes, I have a lot of anecdotes, the people in Spain, the country where I come from, always call me black. People like me suffer racism daily and society tries to discriminate you because of your skin color , but when I went to Senegal the kids called me “toubab” white, and thats completely freaked me out!

What are the next steps for the film? (Distribution  , films festivals?! ) I made a conscious decision to put the film for free online on Vimeo because I want everybody to have acces to it This film has been made to inspire others, that’s the final and foremost objective, that’s why I think is important to share it with others and that’s the reason why I made it. The film will be in festivals this years and everyone who wants to show it can feel free to get in touch with me.

What do you think about Senegal? I think it is a rich country, richest than many countries in Europe. Maybe not in a materialistic sense, but in a espiritual one. Europe is a place where people only think about money, where people get sick because of that and the environment ,where people have no time to spend moments with their families and friends or even with themselves, because they spend their stressful lives working the most part of the day. I think is important to let know the african countries how rich they are compare with european countries in terms of lifestyle and how time, food, family, friends, wheather, nature and a heathy lifestyle real wealth. How try to avoid to get the same lifestyle that western world.




About you, 

Is this one your first documentary? Yes It is. Before I had done music videos and experimental video art  but never a feature documentary film.

Now do you work on other projects? Now I’m focusing in distributing my film and share this spirituality with the people. Trying to create bridges between countries, to let know people how similar we actually are. 

Where do you see yourself in five years!? Good question! I have no idea. I try to be focused in the present. I hope in five years I will still be showing and distributing my art around the world.

What are your sources of inspiration ? Everything can inspire me, even when i go for a walk and I look at the clouds or the trees,I feel inspired.

Do you have advice to share with our community?  Yes, I think is time that we get together as a community an support the project.




Thanks for sharing your experiences.


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L'art comme facteur de développement.
Art as a development factor.
الفن كعامل من عوامل التنمية.
El arte como factor de desarrollo.
विकास के कारक के रूप में कला.
L'arte come un fattore di sviluppo.


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